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kathleen keller

The Keller Method Pilates and Rehabilitation approach is an integration of Pilates and Self Myofascial Release Techniques (SMR) together with current scientific findings.  The results are ease of movement, muscular balance and elongation, improved core strength and better posture.

Kathleen’s extensive background in rehabilitation, movement science and myofasica training expands on Pilates’ principles by adding advanced body awareness and principles from motor control theory. Kathleen works all along the movement spectrum from post-surgical or chronic pain to athletes and everyone in between.  She believes that everyone can do Pilates.

Kathleen is my rock !  She truly cares about your entire well being.  She has helped me for the past seven years deal with back, hip, shoulder and personal issues.  With her , I can at 62 enjoy traveling, hiking ,kayaking, golfing and even water skiing.  She is my blessing.
Julie Ruttan

I came to Kathleen following years of neck and upper back tension. I’d tried yoga and several forms of massage therapy but it hadn’t helped. Kathleen, with her years of experience with rehab, was able to teach me to access specific muscle groups in an entirely new way. I now move and exercise differently, and the tension in those areas has almost fully resolved. I believe that training with Kathleen will allow me to remain injury free and stay strong and fit as I age.

Dr. Miriam Berchuk

Kathleen has helped me to regain my strength, range of motion and even my hope, following several rounds with cancer, several complications from treatments and multiple post-survival challenges.  Her incredible knowledge of how the muscles in the body work together, extensive experience with pilates methods, customised approach and her positive passionate energy have allowed me to continue fully living the life I have fought so hard to keep.  She continues to teach me, coach me and inspire me.

Tricia Antonini
My posture is better at age 60+ than it was when I was 40.  At a time when some of my contemporaries are starting to shrink, I feel like I am growing taller.  Thanks, Kat.  You know I wouldn’t drive downtown for anyone but you!
Joanne Barnett