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Self Myofascial Release (SMR) is a Therapeutic Self-Care Method Used to Free Muscles and Myofascia

  • Deeply effective self-applied techniques to release chronically tight muscles
  • Combines the use of Small Therapeutic Balls and the most current principles of Fascial Fitness Stretching
  • Creates a powerful  sensory and neuromuscular experience
  • Lets go of unproductive patterns in  the body
  • Creates suppleness in tight areas and optimizes range of motion
  • A profound muscular and myofascial release  – unlike any other self-applied method available today.
SMR is extremely user friendly it can be taught to people for use at home
smr quad with bolster


Release With Therapeutic Small Balls: Using an assortment of therapeutic balls of different sizes and densities (or other tools) distinct applications of a ball to the body, traction and body weight. You learn a systematic method to: elongate muscle, free muscular & myofascial restrictions, separate muscle compartments, free joint capsule restriction, and identify and release trigger points.

Based on the Latest Myofascial Science: The Method employs the groundbreaking anatomy of the myofascial chain system as its foundation. Based on the respected courses and books from Thomas Myers and The Kinesis Myofascial Institute – “Anatomy Trains – Myofascial Meridians”.

Fascial Fitness Stretching: Learn the latest approach to myofascial stretching. Myofascia needs gentle oscillatory movement and activation in order to rehydrate.

SMR upper trapezius

Who Can Learn Self Myofascial Release? Everyone Can!

Courses For Health Industry Professionals
Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Kinesiologists, Chiropractors, Doctors, Occupational & Exercise Therapists, Personal Trainers, Coaches, Pilates, Yoga & Fitness Instructors and Body Workers. Click here for more information.

Special Group Workshops
To address specific Release needs associated with virtually any demographic or activity such as: medical and dental professionals, office workers (computer posture restoration), runners, golfers, dancers, skiiers, general fitness buffs etc.

Private One-On-One Release Sessions
Private one-on-one sessions are available at Keller Method Pilates & Rehabilitation in Calgary. Kathleen is also available for on-site private sessions for hosts and participants when presenting courses out of town.

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Contact Kathleen directly for a quote to book an SMR workshop for your group.


Free old restrictive patterns by releasing muscles from each other and from bone

Help treat structural dysfunction and re-educate muscles

Increase circulation and promote healing

Restore length and muscular balance

Help free myofascial restrictions

Enhance sport performance and help prevent injury

Increase range of motion

Establish greater body awareness and balance

Stimulate nervous system & reawaken muscle memory

Reduce Stress and promote deep relaxation

Empowers an individual with a method of self -healing through self- treatment

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