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Kathleen has been teaching for more than 35 years. She is a Master Pilates Educator with multiple certifications. She has both trained and taught on an international scale.  Her areas of specialties include: Rehabilitation, Posture Education, Self Myofascial Release (SMR) and TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercise).

Early Days: Vancouver, Canada

Kathleen is a former national level competitive gymnast, professional dancer and choreographer. She began by teaching fitness in Vancouver in the early 80’s and enjoyed a booming dance career for 20 years. Kat discovered Pilates after an injury in the 90’s which changed her teaching path dramatically. In 1997 she took on an intensive Pilates Rehabilitation apprenticeship and in 1999 she became a fully Certified Stott® Pilates Teacher. She was teaching Pilates and Dance out of various Vancouver studios, until she took on an exciting overseas teaching adventure.

2002-2005: Malaysia and Hong Kong

The family of the then Malaysian Prime Minister recruited Kat to open and manage Pilates studios in Kuala Lumpur. Her responsibilities included training Malaysians as Pilates instructors. At this time Pilates was virtually unheard of in Southeast Asia. In so doing Kat introduced to the region the first international level of Pilates and Self Myofascial Release. She enriched her own training by completing her second Pilates Instructor Certification, Polestar® in Hong Kong. Furthering her work in provinces of Malaysia, she led workshops for physiotherapists and chiropractors.

2005-2007: Indonesia and Europe

An international chain of health clubs head-hunted Kathleen to become the Pilates Educator for their clubs in Jakarta. At that time Indonesia had 237 million people, and no locally well trained Pilates instructors. There she introduced the first international level Pilates Teacher Training Program and SMR. She directed the programming for their nine clubs in Indonesia and Malaysia. Today, Kat still mentors many of her Asian apprentices.

Kat relocated to Spain for one year in order to fully concentrate on the development of her own Pilates Teacher Training syllabus and SMR courses. She mentored the teachers at Body Mind Centering Studio in Alicante and taught groups of physiotherapists in various Spanish towns and London.

2008 to Present: Calgary, Canada

Kat returned to Canada in 2008 and developed her initial Rehabilitative Pilatesand SMR practice at LifeMark Physiotherapy Clinic.  In 2011 she was recruited to join Tower Physiotherapy Clinic.  In 2017 she took on the exciting new challenge as the Pilates Directorfor the exemplary team at Momentum Health. The long-term goal is to fully integrate Pilates into Momentum Health Clinics integrative model.

Kathleen is the creator of THE KELLER METHOD™ her own distinctive approach to fitness and well-being. She focuses on functional movement education and self-empowerment.  Kat is a certified Fascial Fitness Trainer (Robert Schleip, Germany) and a Teaching Assistant for “Anatomy Trains” (Thomas Myers, Maine, USA).

Kathleen teaches and continues to develop her SMR courses.  She has taught her techniques to thousands of health professionals and the public.

Posture Matters, 2014 to present: Calgary, Canada

Realizing there was little education being provided in the area of Posture Education, Kathleen formed the company Posture Matters in 2014.  She educates the general public about the health concerns that inefficient postures create and empowers people with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent future pain and correct current issues.

Her main focus demographic is the Dental Community, helping them to prevent and remediate work related pain.

Posture Matters offers WORKSHOPS, LECTURES and one hour LUNCH N’ LEARNS. For more info go to

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Education Summary


Level 2 TRE®: Tension & Trauma Release Exercise


Level 1 TRE®: Tension & Trauma Release Exercise


Certified Fascial Fitness Trainer – Dr. Robert Schleip PhD., Ulm


Certified Myofascial Teacher – Associate for Thomas Myers, Maine


Certified Polestar® Pilates Instructor – All Apparatus, Hong Kong


Certified Meridian® Pilates – Cadillac, Chair & Barrels, Kuala Lumpur


Certified Yamana® Body Rolling Practitioner (SMR) – Level 2, New York


Canadian Pilates Institute – 350 hour apprenticeship, Vancouver


Certified Stott® Pilates Instructor – Reformer and Mat,  Vancouver


The Method Center – Pilates Rehabilitation, 1000 hour apprenticeship, Vancouver


Certificate Health and Fitness – Simon Fraser University, Vancouver