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I have spent the last several years trying to manage a chronic shoulder and elbow problem and have explored countless modalities of treatment and exercise regimes to help the healing and strengthening of my arm. My physiotherapist suggested I seek the help of Kathleen Keller and The Keller Method™.

Kathleen’s knowledge of Pilates and of stretching are exceptional and her patient and countless corrections of positioning and technique are helping me correct years of body compensation and incorrect technique. I am relearning correct posture and gaining skills that can be worked into a home practice or taken back into the group class setting, whether that be Pilates, yoga, weight training or basic stretching.

However, it is Kathleen’s application of Therapeutic Balls that sets her apart and that has made such a big difference for me. There isn’t a body part that Kathleen can’t stretch, relieve and improve with her collection of balls and for me, this has translated to relief of pain, an easy to do regime outside of the studio, and a travel friendly work out.

The Keller Method™ has worked for me. I can attest personally to the benefits of The Keller Method™ and would highly recommend Kathleen’s one on one instruction for anyone working through a new or old injury, for someone looking to start a core strengthening program or for someone who routinely goes to classes and just wants to polish their technique.

Dr. Kerry Korber
B.A., DVM / Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic

My posture is better at age 60+ than it was when I was 40.  At a time when some of my contemporaries are starting to shrink, I feel like I am growing taller.  Thanks, Kat.  You know I wouldn’t drive downtown for anyone but you!

Joanne Barnett

As a physiotherapist I have found Kathleen Keller’s treatment techniques on self myofascial release with balls to be an extremely powerful tool. This treatment modality comes out of my toolbox on a daily basis helping my patients from the young elite athlete to the elderly patient on the path of recovery, maintenance and injury prevention. I highly value the therapeutic ball techniques along with her myofascial release stretches derived from her extensive background and knowledge in the world of Kinesiology, Pilates, Dance, and general fitness. To empower a patient with a new, innovative and powerful tool/treatment technique, which provides them with greater autonomy is very beneficial.

Catriona Peggie
B.SC (HONS) PT / University of Calgary Sports Medicine Centre

The effects of my Pilates experience with Kathleen Keller have been profound. My overall mobility, posture, gate and spine mobility have been maximized through my treatments with Kathleen. She has an amazing international reputation in the Pilates world which can be experienced in her professionalism, knowledge and Pilates skills.

With my MS diagnosis in 2004… Pilates has allowed me to maintain my posture, fluidity and general overall movement to the degree that my recovery following the birth of my twins three years ago was exceptional! I attribute a great deal of this success to my Pilates program with Kathleen.

Sonya King

I am a physician and around 7-8 yrs ago I herniated a disc in my lower back skiing. I tried everything including physio, massage, personal trainers and prolotherapy, all with some degree of success. But I was still left with a lot of pain and tightness in my muscles and my experts felt it was myofascial pain. I saw Kathleen to do Therapeutic Ball and she taught me how to roll on various balls to release muscle tension and pain mainly in my lower back, buttocks and legs.

Recently I saw her again to do upper body and feet. She has an incredible knowledge base and is passionate about what she does. For those of us with busy lives she provides a way to treat ourselves at home, releasing the days tension and pain on our own time. Therapeutic ball has given me a sense of control over my own pain and hope in knowing that I can control it myself.

Dr. Melissa Kotkas
B.SC, M.D. C.C.F.P., F.C.F.P.

When I met Kathleen, I thought I was in shape; working out at the gym,  lifting weights, doing lots of cardio.  After a few months under Kathleen’s tutelage I realized I needed to do it the right way; the way my body would allow me to work without damaging my joints, muscles and everything else in between.

Three years later, Kathleen has given me back my mobility; she has taught me the healthy way to move, and without mobility, it is hard to move ahead in the world, mentally, spiritually and physically.
Barbara Thorson

As a result of years of injury and training on the Canadian National Bobsleigh Team with coaches that lacked an understanding of wellness in combination with performance, I really appreciate passionate movement experts. It is on this note that Kathleen Keller’s expertise shines, she is one of the rare professionals that knows what makes the difference. Kathleen is a highly inspiring movement expert. Her ability to evaluate postural compensations, correct them, and provide hands on integrated anatomical knowledge in movement makes me smile as I write this testimonial. I would highly recommend one-on-one sessions with Kathleen for athletes as well as business people who are looking for wellness and performance. My sessions with Kathleen have noticeably improved my daily posture and my maximal strength.

Feb 1981-Sept 2013
My life is forever enriched for having crossed Adam’s path of life – Kathleen Keller
Adam Wood
Bkin. CSCS / Strength & Lifestyle Coach

I came to Kathleen following years of neck and upper back tension. I’d tried yoga and several forms of massage therapy but it hadn’t helped. Kathleen, with her years of experience with rehab, was able to teach me to access specific muscle groups in an entirely new way. I now move and exercise differently, and the tension in those areas has almost fully resolved. I believe that training with Kathleen will allow me to remain injury free and stay strong and fit as I age.

Dr. Miriam Berchuk
M.D., F.R.C.P.C.