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As a physiotherapist I have found Kathleen Keller’s treatment techniques on self myofascial release with balls to be an extremely powerful tool. This treatment modality comes out of my toolbox on a daily basis helping my patients from the young elite athlete to the elderly patient on the path of recovery, maintenance and injury prevention. I highly value the therapeutic ball techniques along with her myofascial release stretches derived from her extensive background and knowledge in the world of Kinesiology, Pilates, Dance, and general fitness. To empower a patient with a new, innovative and powerful tool/treatment technique, which provides them with greater autonomy is very beneficial.

Catriona Peggie
B.SC (HONS) PT / University of Calgary Sports Medicine Centre

As a result of years of injury and training on the Canadian National Bobsleigh Team with coaches that lacked an understanding of wellness in combination with performance, I really appreciate passionate movement experts. It is on this note that Kathleen Keller’s expertise shines, she is one of the rare professionals that knows what makes the difference. Kathleen is a highly inspiring movement expert. Her ability to evaluate postural compensations, correct them, and provide hands on integrated anatomical knowledge in movement makes me smile as I write this testimonial. I would highly recommend one-on-one sessions with Kathleen for athletes as well as business people who are looking for wellness and performance. My sessions with Kathleen have noticeably improved my daily posture and my maximal strength.

Feb 1981-Sept 2013
My life is forever enriched for having crossed Adam’s path of life – Kathleen Keller
Adam Wood
Bkin. CSCS / Strength & Lifestyle Coach

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Kathleen Keller over the past few years. Prior to working with Kathleen, I had met and worked with many highly qualified Pilates instructors while touring with Cirque du Soleil. I can easily state that Kathleen is a preeminent expert and teacher in her field.

Kathleen has enhanced my appreciation of postural correction and movement control. She has adapted a complete program that combines her Therapeutic Ball Techniques with modern Pilates. On a daily basis, I apply principles and exercises from The Keller Method into my clinical practice.

Kathleen has gained the trust and respect of the physiotherapists in our clinic. She is an essential part of our team. I do not hesitate to recommend my patients or physiotherapy colleagues to work with and learn from Kathleen.

Ian Goodwin
B.SCPT, FCAMPT, DipManipPT, cGMIMS, MATS / Calgary Core Physiotherapy

I was recommended to start Pilates as a way to stabilize a low back condition, which I have been dealing with for years.  Since our first session, I have been extremely thankful for the care, knowledge, understanding and professionalism displayed by Kathleen in her practice. She has taken the time to research my back condition and really understand how to incorporate the right movements to help me manage the instability, reduce/eliminate the pain and make me stronger and healthier.

She has also helped me regain range of motion and strength in my left shoulder after a major surgery to repair a torn labrum.   I can’t recommend her enough to folks that are trying to restore their core strength and flexibility.

Malcolm Adams

The effects of my Pilates experience with Kathleen Keller have been profound. My overall mobility, posture, gate and spine mobility have been maximized through my treatments with Kathleen. She has an amazing international reputation in the Pilates world which can be experienced in her professionalism, knowledge and Pilates skills.

With my MS diagnosis in 2004… Pilates has allowed me to maintain my posture, fluidity and general overall movement to the degree that my recovery following the birth of my twins three years ago was exceptional! I attribute a great deal of this success to my Pilates program with Kathleen.

Sonya King

When I met Kathleen, I thought I was in shape; working out at the gym,  lifting weights, doing lots of cardio.  After a few months under Kathleen’s tutelage I realized I needed to do it the right way; the way my body would allow me to work without damaging my joints, muscles and everything else in between.

Three years later, Kathleen has given me back my mobility; she has taught me the healthy way to move, and without mobility, it is hard to move ahead in the world, mentally, spiritually and physically.
Barbara Thorson
Kathleen has helped me to regain my strength, range of motion and even my hope, following several rounds with cancer, several complications from treatments and multiple post-survival challenges.  Her incredible knowledge of how the muscles in the body work together, extensive experience with pilates methods, customised approach and her positive passionate energy have allowed me to continue fully living the life I have fought so hard to keep.  She continues to teach me, coach me and inspire me.
Tricia Antonini

As a Massage Therapist and President of the RMTA (Remedial Massage Therapists Association of Alberta), I am acutely aware of how my body needs to be in balance in order for me to continue to work. I heard about The Keller Method through a colleague who had taken Kathleen’s courses through the Alberta Kinesiology Association and raved about them. Our association has now brought her in twice for our annual retreats for our member’s continuing education. These courses were the best techniques we could have learned! Kathleen instructed so beautifully and explained everything in simple terms. The balls really helped my feet as well as other parts of my body. I now no longer wear orthotics and I show a lot of my clients how to use the balls to help them avoid injuries.

Ardis Tingy